Q. How do I remove the washer on the HD 2016 touring bikes?

A. Due to a design change of the Dzus 1/4 turn fastener that started with the 2016 model year you can no longer remove the washer.  For these models do not remove the original washer simply install the bracket on the dzus without removing the washer.  You could also purchase the old style Dzus connector that has the removable washer.

We have had some customers that have cut the washer off of the connector however, we do not recommend this and we are not responsible for any damages that may be caused by removing the washer in this fashion.

Q. What years do they fit?

A. We have two versions one for Harley Davidson Touring 1993-2013 model years and another for Harley Davidson Touring 2014-present models (Project Rushmore).

Q. Will they work in saddlebags with electric locks?

A. No, they do not fit in saddlebags with electric locks however, they can be modified to work in these saddlebags.

Q. How do I insert the tray after installing the mounting brackets?

A. When inserting the tray into the saddlebag, start by tipping the back end of the tray and inserting it first then lower the front of the tray into the saddlebag.

Q. Will the trays fit in a saddlebag with the saddlebag liners.

A. Yes, in 1993-2003 HD saddlebags (fiberglass) the saddlebag liners are required for the trays to fit properly. If the liners are not installed, the mounting brackets need to be installed in the saddlebags differently than with the liners installed for the trays to make contact with the mounting hardware when inserted into the saddlebag.  The instructions for mounting the brackets can be found here.

For 2004-2013 saddlebags (ABS plastic) the trays will still fit with the liners installed they may just be a little more snug.

Q. Will the trays work with the saddlebag lid organizers installed?

A. Yes, the trays will work with the saddlebag lid organizers installed.  The trays sit inside of the saddlebags and do not interfere with the lid organizers.

Q. The dividers are not very snug when installed and pop out at times.

A. Due to variations in the thickness of the material used to make the dividers some may have a loose fit.  If you are experiencing this problem, simply wrap the ends of the divider with a single layer of electrical tape, this will make the fit snug and hold the dividers securely in place.  (Thanks Chuck F. from Troy, NY for the tip)

Q. The brackets seem to catch on some items that I pull out of the bottom of my saddlebag.

A. It the brackets catch on items try dipping the ends in Plasti Dip, available at most hardware stores for around $6.00.

Q. Do you have trays for the leather saddlebags (softail)?

A. No, we don’t make trays for the leather saddlebags.  There is a product for leather saddlebags called “Bag-R-Box” you can get their trays HERE.